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Introduction to Selenium

What is Selenium ? The Selenium automates browser that means it is an automation testing tools that is basically for automating the web based applications in various browser it cannot automate your desktop based application it is only used in browsers,  so the very fundamental questions that what Selenium is well the answer to that is basically it's an automation testing tools which will automate your web based application and it works on the following browsers that is it works on Chrome , Internet Explorer,  Firefox,  Opera and Safari so this miscellanea very powerful because it works on multiple browsers apart from this it also works on the latest version of Mozilla and it works on the versions of Internet Explorer and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari as well  along with this it also works on multiple operating system that is you can make Selenium work on Windows or you can make it work on Mac or you can make it or work on Linux or Unix based system and many more operating system so this makes it a very powerful tool and that's why the demand of Selenium is increasing day by day because it works on multiple rows works on multiple Browsers and multiple operating system .

Selenium has different components each with different purpose of automation testing,  WebDriver, RC or Remote Control, IDE and Grid.

Components of Selenium

what are the components of Selenium and how its actually what Selenium is made up of four components. there are four components of Selenium that is IDE, RC, WebDriver and GRID.  N

Selenium IDE :-  it comes as a add on in Firefox it only works on Mozilla Browser and comes as a add on in the Mozilla Firefox  it is primarily a record and run to recording and running functionality is present in every automation tool, the drawback of IDE is that it works only on Mozilla Firefox and sometimes it becomes little difficult to use it although you can do a lot of things in it you can parameterize your test, but there are some limitations in IDE the major one being that it's only works on Mozilla.

Selenium RC or Remote Control :-  which used to work on multiple Browsers and it is available in multiple languages as well that is you can write the ceiling In code in Java, C Sharp, Ruby, Python or PHP  for learning IDE you don't need to learn any programming language, but if you are working with RC you must know any one of the programming languages all right now it has its own limitations as well with RC they used to be a separate server which was difficult to handle  how to overcome those limitations WebDriver,

Selenium WebDriver :-  WebDriver came into existence its came into the market now WebDriver again it supports multiple Browsers and it is an enhanced version of RC but the architecture of WebDriver is completely different from the architecture of RC architecture is completely different  so IDE it works only on Mozilla, but RC and WebDriver works on all the browsers and both of them require the knowledge of any one of the programming languages, now comes the GRID

Selenium GRID :- the GRID is something which will help you run your test cases parallel for example if you got a 400 test cases and you want to run the test cases are you want to run this test cases simultaneously   on 4 machines 1 machine will run will run your test case on Internet Exporer the other will run it on Mozilla and the next one on the group so there you use great or suppose you want to distribute your test cases on 4 different machines that is on the first machine first 100 test cases should run on the next machine next 100 on the third machine next 100 and on the fourth machine next 100 test cases should run  so basically you want to divide your test cases into parts and run them so that the execution takes less the time so for that again we use the great write these are all the components of Selenium the four components of Selenium so in all we can say that Selenium WebDriver is a web automation framework that allows you to execute your test against multiple browsers not just the Firefox unlike Selenium IDE .

What is TestNg and what it does ?

 TestNG is a testing framework that overcomes the limitations of other testing framework called JUnit and NUnit by introducing some new functions to overcome previous tools limitations and make easier

TestNg is basically which helps you to build the test cases , when you are running Selenium scripts ,you have a requirement that at time you want to run Jobs in batch one after another all the test cases so again TestNg is used over here for batch execution  also for optional execution, what is optional execution ,when you want to run a test case and skip one of them and you don't want to run test cases and you want to run to test cases now Selenium WebDriver will not give you this feature, WebDriver is a tool which only helps you to interact with the browser it will not generate reports in the test cases batch run and all all those things for that you need test in for example when you run the test cases you would want that your data should be read from an external file like xls XML or a properties .